Out of the murky swamps of Cape May County, New Jersey, lumbers the original musical quartet of Gastonia! The primordial ooze of Gastonia first began to flow with the demise of both Tramcar Revolution, led by Dustin Showers, and the Ishtar Gate, led by Drew Hinton. At the time, both bands were left with two members prompting a merger the likes of which the world has not seen since the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia. The resulting musical Mount Everest took the form of what has come to be known as Gastonia. The merger of the two former bands created a hybrid of the straight forward hard rock of Tramcar Revolution and the manic heavy metal of the Ishtar Gate that is an accoutrement any true rock fan's library cannot be without. Drawing upon their vast selection of inspiration and musical experience, the members of Gastonia create a sound that will melt the skin off of one's face or make one reflect nostalgically on one's own life experiences. Evoking the entire spectrum of human emotions through their post-modern style of music is the result of carefully considering how to best utilize the musical knowledge of all of the members of the band while underlining each note and syllable with the proper unbridled emotions fitting of any truly great musician.

To date Gastonia has been featured on KRM Radio, as well as Verge of Sanity Radio which featured an in-studio appearance, and has played numerous shows, to include venues such as The Bone Yard in Atlantic City and The Backstage at the Championship Bar. Currently, Gastonia is recording its debut album, "Genesis", that will feature thirteen tracks that draw from both former bands, as well as new songs composed by Gastonia in its current form, and produced by the band's lead singer and bass player Dustin Showers. In the hope of making its music heard by as many willing ears as possible, Gastonia is searching for any and all experience and possibilities that are available and looking to network and collaborate with open-minded, music loving people. Gastonia is working towards touring in the near future, as well as work with a record company or publishing company to spread the reach of the music they create.

Gastonia is:
Dustin Showers - Vocals/Bass
Brian O'Neill - Drums
Drew Hinton - Guitar